Unlockables are attained by completing the game with certain challenging conditions.  Certain Unlockables require a specific Mode and Modifier to be selected or require that the player be using a specific Military Occupational Specialty.  Unlockables give a player the ability to modify the appearance of their hero unit through the [un] button on the Functional Dialog.


Camouflage unlockables change the pattern of the uniform on a player's Hero unit.

Camouflage Unlock Requirement
Default None
ACUPAT Complete Insane mode
CADPAT Finish a Competitive mode
MARPAT Complete Hard mode
Night Complete Nightmare mode
Olive Play 75 games
Red Tiger Complete Hard, PMC and harder mods with Rifle modifier
SAS Complete Survival Mode with Rifle Modifier
Woodland Complete Normal Mode
Woodland Tiger Complete Hard mode (or harder) without dying and beeing hit
Chameleon Complete Nightmare Mode with 1 Life Modifier
OctoCamo Complete PMC with rifle modifier
Medic Complete Hard Mode (or harder) as Combat Medic
Desert Complete Survival Mode with 2-4 players
ABU Complete Survival Mode with Tiers 1 modifier
Navy Blue
Tech Complete Hard (or harder) Mode as Combat Engineer
Rock Avalanche
Snow Complete Hard mode with outbreak modifier
2016 Complete a game
Santa Complete a game
April Fish Complete Normal Mode or higher with Sushi Modifier
Nano Complete Nightmare Mode with Ghost, Cyborg, Prototype


Decal unlockables change the appearance of the shoulder plate of the uniform on a player's Hero unit.

Decals Unlock Requirement
Default None
Bear Claw Win Insane Rifle with 2-4 players
Blue Diamond Complete Survival Mode
Cavalry Sabers Complete Nightmare Epilogue as Cavalry Scout
Outlaw Win a nightmare game
RA Win PMC with 1 life modifier
Ravensword Win Insane Mode
Combat Medic Badge Revive 40 times as Combat Medic
Wolves Win Nightmare Mode with 2-4 players