In-Game Description

MOS: 11B (Infantry) Role: Squad Designated Marksman

SDMs are hand picked soldiers with excellent performance in marksmanship. They are usually issued special optics or long-range rifles for overwatch.

Rank Requirements

Enlisted: 11000 XP - Sergeant First Class {SFC}

Warrant Officer: Unavailable {N/A}

Commissioned Officier: Unavailable {N/A}

Maximum Per Game 1
Health 420*
Energy 190
Armor 1
Move Speed 2.91
Weapon Type Designated Marksman Rifle
Weapon Damage 190–210

x0.87 against Armored

x0.82 against Mechanical

x0.46 against Heroic

Weapon Range 22
Weapon Speed 1.6
Rounds per Magazine 35

(*Affected by Rank.)

Primary AbilitiesEdit

Soldier SkillsEdit


Designated Marksman SkillsEdit

  • Unlocks Squad Designated Marksman abilities.
  • Each level improves attack range by 4 and attack speed by 9%.
Level Effect
1 Unlocks Binocculars.
2 Unlocks Field Camera.
3 Unlocks Opportuned Shot.

Rapid Fire (F)Edit

  • Increases attack speed and decreases move speed by 80% and range by 5.
  • Has a cooldown of 9 seconds.
  • Can be manually turned off.
Level Attack Speed Multiplier Energy Cost
1 200% 40 (+3/s active)
2 250% 35 (+3/s active)
3 300% 32 (+3/s active)
4 350% 30 (+3/s active)

Monomolecular Wire (R)Edit

  • Skillshot that instantly damages units in a line, stunning them.
    • Can hit air units.
    • Can friendly fire.
  • Each level improves damage, stun duration and energy cost.
Level Damage Stun duration Energy Cost Cooldown
1 600 2 95 30
2 900 2 90 29
3 1200 3 85 27
4 1500 3 80 25

Secondary AbilitiesEdit

Binocculars (Q)Edit

  • Reveals the selected area for the user only.
    • Detects cloaked units in the area.
  • Has a cooldown of 14 seconds.
  • Each level of Designated Marksman Skills improves the duration, range, radius and energy cost.
Level Duration Energy Cost
1 8 13
2 10 11
3 12 9

Field Camera (W)Edit

  • Place an invisible camera on the field
    • The Field Camera is a detector.
    • The Field Camera can be destroyed.
    • The zombies will never attack it, even if they have detection.
  • Costs 55 energy, lasts for 300 seconds, and has a cooldown of 180 seconds.

Additional Actions (Z)Edit

Sprint (T)Edit

Reload (R)Edit

Immediate/Remedial Action (A)Edit

Drop Magazine (D)Edit

Jump (Q)Edit

Perform Self-Aid (F)Edit

Prone (E)Edit

Rifle ButtEdit

Opportuned ShotEdit

  • Periodically allow the Squad Designated Marksman to fire two bullets in quick succession.



The Squad Designated Marksman is a DPS role for the squad whose primary purpose is to deal damage and cover allies/objectives. His primary weapon is a marksman rifle with a 35-round magazine, which empties fast when using Rapid Fire. Its large range allows him to cover a large area when provided with enough vision, which he can gain by himself thanks to his Binocculars and Field Camera.

The Squad Designated Marksman is not as effective as other DPS classes against packs of enemies but can be very effective against resistant ones with his high damage coupled with a high fire rate provided by both Rapid Fire and Opportuned Shot. His main strength however is his huge range allowing him to cover a larger area than other DPS clases as well as take down easily priority targets before they reach his teammates.

He is a very important role to have in PMC Mode due to his range and damage allowing him to easily and without taking risks taking down PMCs - he is almost vital for the success of this mode.

Recommended Skill IdentifiersEdit

First SI Second SI Description
Quick Thinking [QT]

Veteran [VT]

Hawkeye [HE]

[QT] is important as he has a longer reload time than other weapons, and do so ofte when using Rapid Fire. [VT] provide a good extra amount of DPS with the loss of life not being to much of an issue if you set in security behind your squad to cover them. [€] can be used for extra range and detection, but your range is already huge and Binoccolars can easily reveal cloaked units.
Whiz Kid [WK] Energetic [EN]

Twinkle Toes[TT]

For Monomolecular Wire builds. The goal is to take advantage of the damage and stun of the ability. Given to be efficient ennemies should be in a line and no allies should be in front of you, this build makes you pretty much a front line/kiter, which is why you could take [TT] instead of [EN].

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • Squad Designated Marksman is allowed to use the following weapons: IDMR-2 and M92 Torrent.
Item Description


M92 Torrent

Aim Assist

AP Rounds

DU Rounds

Ammo Case

Muscle Relaxant

For DPS.
Scope. For extra range and vision.

Recommended Ability BuildEdit

Level DPS Monomolecular Wire
1 Marksmanship 1 Monomolecular Wire 1
2 Designated Marksman Skills 1 Monomolecular Wire 2
3 Rapid Fire 1 Monomolecular Wire 3
4 Designated Marksman Skills 2 Monomolecular Wire 4
5 Designated Marksman Skills 3 Marksmanship 1
6 Marksmanship 2 Soldier Skills 1
7 Marksmanship 3 Soldier Skills 2
8 Marksmanship 4 Soldier Skills 3
9 Rapid Fire 2 Soldier Skills 4
10 Rapid Fire 3 Marksmanship 2
11 Rapid Fire 4 Marksmanship 3
12 Monomolecular Wire 1 Marksmanship 4
13 Soldier Skills 1 Rapid Fire 1
14 Soldier Skill 2 Rapid Fire 2
15 Soldier Skills 3 Rapid Fire 3
16 Soldier Skills 4 Rapid Fire 4
17 Monomolecular Wire 2 Designated Marksman Skills 1
18 Monomolecular Wire 3 Designated Marksman Skills 2
19 Monomolecular Wire 4 Designated Marksman Skills 3

Monomolecular Wire can be taken sooner for its utility, and if you intent to sometime move without your team, but most of the time it is unneccessary.