In-Game Description MOS: 11B (infantry) Role: SFAAT (Security Force Assistance Advisor Team)

The Security Force Assistance Advisory Teams were created so the experienced Regular Army soldiers can train indigenous forces on a large-scale. Today, the SFAATs are deployed to improve local security in the event of an outbreak.

Rank Requirements

Enlisted: 3800 XP - Sergeant {SGT}

Warrant Officer: 0 XP - Chief Warrant Officer 1 {CW1}

Commissioned Officier: 0 XP - Second Lieutenant {2LT}

Maximum Per Game 2
Health 420*
Energy 190
Armor 1
Move Speed 2.91
Weapon Type Shotgun
Weapon Damage 135 - 154
Weapon Range 11
Weapon Speed 1.3
Rounds per Magazine


(*Affected by Rank.)

Primary AbilitiesEdit

Soldier SkillsEdit



  • After you (or your fellow SFAATs) create some Local National soldiers via Leadership, you can train some of them.
    • You control trained Local National soldiers.
    • Trained LNs can use items — including weapons and armor.
  • No cooldown, but the number of controlled soldiers is limited by your rank.
Level Effect Maximum of trained LNs Energy costs
1 Improves trained LNs stats. 1 133
2 Unlock some of the trained LNs abilities. 2 111
3 Improves trained LNs stats and IA. 3 99
4 Unlock all abilities and gives Headbutt. 4 90


  • summons Local National soldiers throughout the game. They appear at random locations on the map and will travel towards you.
    • All LNs suffer stat penalties, somewhat mitigated by training.
  • Each level improves the number, variety, cooldown and energy cost of the ability.
Level Local Nationals added Energy Cost Cooldown
1 1 Javelin, 1 Auto-Rifleman. 50 25
2 1 Javelin, 1 Auto-Rifleman 30 20
3 1 Combat Engineer, 1 Rifleman, 1 SDM 15 17

1 Combat Engineer, 1 Rifleman, 1 SDM

10 15

Secondary AbilitiesEdit

Additional Actions (Z)Edit

Sprint (T)Edit

Reload (R)Edit

Immediate/Remedial Action (A)Edit

Drop Magazine (D)Edit

Jump (Q)Edit

Perform Self-Aid (F)Edit

Prone (E)Edit

Rifle ButtEdit



SFAAT will be reworked soon. The untrained LNs may disappear beeing too powerfull.

Recommended Skill IdentifiersEdit

First SI Second SI Description
Always Ready [AR] Hawkeyes [HE] AR will allow to set a strong defense faster, while Hawkeyes will ease the micro against invisible undeads and allow the Sfaat to shot more far which can be usefull when you play the hit and run way with your 5-man little squad.

Instructor [IS]

Born to Lead [BL]

Those SIs boost your LNs efficiency, and every soldiers near the SFAAT. IS eases too the hit and run tactic with your 5-man little squad.

Recommended ItemsEdit

  • SFAAT is allowed to use the following weapon: ISS-7. His trained LNs can weapons accordingly to their weapon type.
  • With the LNs, the SFAAT is able to carry a lot of items. It becomes very usefull for some missions as the casualties or just before the third chapter to move the items stocked in Thalim for an example. But remember that any hero will be more efficient than a LN, so take weapons, Aim Assistant, AP/DU Rounds and other passive items only if every heros have already them. Don't keep active items (like flares, smokes, ...) stocked in your LNs if you don't plan to use them.
Item Description

Magnetic Stabilizer

Allows a better kite as well as offering some time for your LNs to clean up. Remember it works only on non-massive light units.


Improves your DPS, but your LNs should be the main DPS anyway.

Recommended Ability BuildEdit

Level Skills ?
1 Leadership Needed to call lns
2 Training 1 1 rifleman
3 Training 2 2 rifleman
4 Training 3 3 rifleman
5 Training 4 Allows the use of Burst mode

on Rifleman

4 rifleman

6 Leadership 2 2 autorifleman 2 rifleman
7 Leadership 3 2 autorifleman 1 sdm 1 rifleman
8 Leadership 4 2 autorifleman 2 sdm