In-Game Description MOS: ? (Platoon Leader)

He leads a platoon.

Experience Requirements Enlisted: Unavailable {N/A}

Warrant Officer: Unavailable {N/A} Commissioned Officier: 3500 XP - First Lieutenant {1LT}

Maximum Per Game 3
Health 420*
Energy 190
Armor 1
Move Speed 2.90
Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Weapon Damage 35* - 40*
Weapon Range 15
Weapon Speed 0.3
Rounds per Magazine 60

(*Affected by Rank.)

Platoon leader increases strength of soldiers around him.

Primary AbilitiesEdit

Soldier SkillsEdit


Plasma grenade (R)Edit

  • Throws a plasma grenade at the target point, dealing explosive damage to enemy and allied ground units in the area. The explosion also destroys items, can detonate Explosive Charges, and causes screen-shake to nearby players.
    • Plasma grenades also leaves afterward a burning plasma area of effect that slows any unit by 8% and deal damage over 8s.
  • Each level increases both damages, reduces energy cost, and reduces cooldown.
Level Detonation Damage Burn Damage Energy Cost Cooldown
1 600 200 105 30
2 700 400 95 25
3 800 600 85 20
4 900 800 70 15

Leadership skillsEdit

  • Grants a wide aura (~15 units) around Platoon leader, increasing attack damage, move speed and reducing reload time for friendly units
  • Each point increases effectiveness of aura
  • Each level also unlocks an extra ability
Level Damage Bonus Move Speed Bonus Reload Duration Reduction Unlocks ability
1 6% 0.02 10% Linked Fire Teams: shared vision
2 9% 0.035 15% Retreat: group move speed buff
3 12% 0.05 20% Redeploy: gather team at Platoon Leader's location
4 16% 0.065 25% Concentration: group damage buff
  • Each level also unlocks abilities for the Platoon Leader to use
Level Effect
1 Unlocks Binocculars.
2 Unlocks Field Aid. Shares vision of Binocculars with team
3 Unlocks Laser Designation.
4 Unlocks Call For Fire; improves Laser Designation; +1 attack range

Secondary AbilitiesEdit

Binocculars (Q)Edit

  • Reveal the selected area for the user only, for 9 seconds.
    • Detects cloaked units in the area.
  • Costs 30 energy and has a cooldown of 24 seconds.

Field Aid (W)Edit

  • Heals a friendly biological unit for 60 health points over 30 seconds.
  • Costs ? energy and has a cooldown of ? seconds.

Laser Designation (E)Edit

  • Reveals the target unit for the whole team and reduce its armor by 5.
  • Costs 35 energy, lasts 45 seconds and has a cooldown of 45 seconds.

Call For Fire (F)Edit

  • Radios the FDC to bombard the target area after a 10.5 seconds delay.
    • Has multiple settings that can be changed, more information here. By default fires a single shell.
    • Hit air units.
    • Is not affected by Whiz Kid [WK] Skill Identifier (damage come from the UT army).
    • Has a limited amount of shells shared among all CFF users.
    • Default damage is 1000 per shell, can be improved by a Fire Support Specialist.
  • Costs 90? energy and has a cooldown of 6? seconds.

Additional Actions (Z)Edit

Sprint (T)Edit

Reload (R)Edit

Immediate/Remedial Action (A)Edit

Drop Magazine (D)Edit

Jump (Q)Edit

Perform Self-Aid (F)Edit

Firemode Burst (H)Edit

Prone (E)Edit

Rifle ButtEdit

Concentration (C)Edit

  • Increases the damage of any allied unit near the Platoon Leader by 25%.
    • Lasts 15 seconds.
  • Costs 90 energy and has a cooldown of 30 seconds.