Combat Engineer's weapon is shotgun, which deals area damage but is relatively slow. Combat engineer's attack is relatively weak and he should rely on abilities for most of his damage.

Combat Engineer abilities are:

Soldier skills

• Level 1: Self care

• Level 2: No effect

• Level 3: Bonus +0.1 move speed and improved Prone

• Level 4: Knocks back light enemies periodically

Each point of soldier skills also grants +2 all stats and reduces reload / unjam time.

Launch rocket barrage

• Launches several missiles dealing around 120 damage each (can harm allies) and stunning targets briefly


• Level 1: Set a taunting trap that explodes and knocks back anyone caught in the area. The explosion can harm allies

• Level 2: Learn how to build a controlled flying drone and how to place sentry turret

• Level 3: Grants a flamethrower choice of weapon on sentry turret

• Level 4: Increases max sentry count to 2 and grants anti-armored / anti-massive weapon choice for sentry

Engineering skills

• Level 1: Learn repair, overhaul and disarm

• Level 2: Gain 3 recharging energy cells and Freeze — a 3.2 second stun

• Level 3: Learn how to place up to 3 barricades. Zombies attempt to attack barricades above other targets

• Level 4: Learn how to place satchel charge for huge explosion that needs to be manually triggered

First SI Secound SI Description
PU AR PU is very good on Ce because it also affects

the energy you gain from Arc cells

AR EN Should be taken if you dont want to play WO

(since PU would be unavavible)

Recommended Skills Edit

Level Skill Description
1 Engineering 1
2 Engineering 2 Allows for the use of flash wich stuns a single zombie for 3.2 secounds
3 Engineering 3 Allows you to set up Baricades wich will help

the sfaat more than your 2 sentrys

4 Security 1
5 Security 2 Allows placement of 1 Sentry and your repairbot
6 Security 3
7 Security 4 Allows placement of 2 Sentrys

Also makes your security bot shoot rockets (wich can harm civilians or set of explosives)

8 Soldier skills 1 For the self heal if no medic

is assigned to thalim

9 Cluster rockets