As a weak living human of flesh with an organism needing to be functionnal to survive, you can be inflicted by ailments when taking damage. Ailments are basically injuries/diseases that can impair/disable you. And of course be dangerous/lethal.

Ailments are divided in 3 categories, depending on their severity and the difficulty to heal them : minor, moderate and severe.

Finally, some undeads can poison upon harming.

Poisons are different from Ailments as they are harder to treat.

Poisons and most ailment are curable (healed after some time, usually some some minutes). They are also treatable (can be healed by a proper heal) more or less easily depending on their severity.


Minor ailments

Minor ailments are injuries that are serious enough to impair you but overall not dangerous and easily treatable. Any soldier with Self-Aid can heal his minor ailments.

  • Hemorrhage Class I

Minor lacerations causing bleeding. Reduces movement speed and attack speed, and causes damage over time.

Moderate ailments

Moderate ailments are injuries that can cause serious impairment mostly, but don't directly cause too much harm. Any ailment treatment should be able to get rid of them, as well as the Self-Aid from a soldier using Self Sufficient [SS] Skill Identifier.

  • Hemorrhage Class III

Lacerations causing serious bleeding. Reduces movement speed and attack speed, and causes damage over time.

  • Broken Arm

Impairs your ability to use your weapon, causes serious reduction of your fighting abilities.

  • Broken Leg

Impairs your movements, causes serious speed reduction and unability to use Sprint and Jump abilities.

  • Brain Injury

Impairs your eyesight and aiming, causes serious limitation of the sight range and reduces attack range.

  • Energy Leak

Damage to your suit circuits, causes serious loss of energy over-time, resulting in unability to use any ability requiring energy.

Severe ailments

Severe ailments are the lethal ailments, directly or indirectly. They should be treated as soon as possible to prevent funest outcome. Quick Clots and medic Improved Nano-injections are the only possible ways to get rid of them (beside death).

  • Hemorrhage Class IV

Deep lacerations causing lethal bleeding. Causes serious reduction of movement speed and attack speed and severe damage over time.

  • Infection

Infected by the walking dead disease, slowly turning your organism into an undead. Causes severe damage over time and turns you into an undead upon death. Incurable (but treatable). Can cause sudden death if not treated in time.

  • Parasite infection

Parasited, cause damage over time. Incurable (but treatable). Causes the parasites to hatch if not treated soon enough, resulting in a very severe speed reduction.

Hatched parasites is not an ailment anymore and so is untreatable (but curable).


Poisons can be compared to Severe ailments in dangerosity, but are harder to treat. The only way to treat poisons is medic Improved Nano-injection.

  • Neurotoxin?

Poison messing with your brain, nerves and muscles. Doesn't cause damage but causes serious reduction in movement speed and fighting abilities.

  • ?

Poison messing with your vital organs. Deals severe damage over time.